The IZT S1000 Complex Digital Signal Generator is the perfect source of today's RF waveforms with increasing complexity and bandwidth.

One Unit - 31 Signal Generators

  • Cost effective testing of consumer radios
  • Replay of recorded signals
  • RF environment simulation
  • Phase-synchronous replay of diversity signals
  • Testing of COMINT/SIGINT systems
  • Testing of DF systems
  • Operator Training
  • Chip Design
  • Simulation of LTE and DVB-T2 environments

The IZT S1000 Signal Generator Platform enables the user to consolidate multiple conventional RF generators into one compact, cost effective, flexible, and easy-to-use RF test source. Modern radio receivers no longer gather information from a single modulated carrier, but often from multiple sources simultaneously. The multiple signals can be from more than one antenna, with independent carriers and different modulation formats. With multiple technologies, modulations and frequencies combined in a single receiver, the IZT S1000 can combine these as well to match the receiver test requirements without a costly batch of standard RF generators.

The IZT S1000 with its revolutionary architecture and IZT's patented signal processing algorithm combines multiple technologies into a single piece of test equipment for today's acceptance testing requirements.


  • 31 virtual signal generators
  • Two independent rf outputs
  • Phase synchronous outputs for diversity and MIMO testing
  • Real-time impairment simulation
  • Modulators for DAB, DAB+, DMB-Audio, HD Radio™ and DVB-T
  • Universal ARB function
  • 50 MSamples/sec real-time streaming
  • Easy-to-use compact setup