Fully Complies with GMDSS Requirements


All the functions required by IMO resolutions A.804 (19) and A.806 (19) are equipped, and suitable for radio installations of vessels navigating A2, A3 and A4 sea areas.


Built-in Battery charger


The Battery charger is built in PA unit and does not need another Battery charger.


Self Diagnostic Function


A Built-in high grade self diagnostic function centrally controlled using JSB-196GM Radiotelephone ensures easy maintenance.


Built-in Dummy Load for ATU Selfcheck


The dummy load for checking the NFC-296/896 Antenna Tuning Unit (ATU) is built-in and not required to connect as extra unit.


Outdoor Installable Antenna Tuning Unit


The NFC-296 Antenna Tuning Unit can be installed outdoors such as on deck, ensuring effective emission of transmitter power.


High visibility Color LCD data terminal


The data terminal adopts a 10.4-inch high-visibility color LCD display and preset color patterns of our marine navigation equipment.


Easy operation with JOG dial


Single large control dial makes it easy to change settings and operating frequency.



Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 27.5MHz (100Hz steps)
Receive: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz (100Hz steps)
Frequency tolerance ±10Hz or better
Emission mode J3E (TEL), F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW), H2B,H3E (AME: reception only)
User definable channels 200ch (20ch X 10 Groups)
Preset ITU channels 1722ch [ TEL:283, DSC:29, TLX:891, CW:519 ]
Scanning channel 20 user defined channels
Communication mode Simplex and semi-duplex
Antenna impedance 50 ohms
Operating temperature -15 to +55deg.C
Power requirement 296 : 90 to 132VAC/ 180 to 264VAC, Single-phase, 50/60Hz
596/896 : 180 to 264VAC, Single-phase, 50/60Hz

296 : Tx:2.0kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
596 : Tx:3.0kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
896 : Tx:3.5kVA max, Rx:0.5kVA max
21.6 to 31.2VDC
Tx: 30A max, Rx:7A max
Compass safe distance 1.5m

Output power (*) AC power source:
296: 200Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 250Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
596: 400Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 500Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
896: 400Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 800Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
DC power source:
100Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 150Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
Occupied bandwidth J3E (TEL) 3kHz or better
F1B (DSC/TLX), A1A (CW) 0.5kHz or better


(*) at 10Ω+250pF Artificial antenna for1.6 to 4MHz
at 50Ω Artificial antenna for 4 to 27.5MHz

Receiving system Triple superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 70.455MHz, 455kHz, 20.217kHz
Sensitivity (SINAD 20dB)
J3E (TEL) 6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
3.5uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)
F1B (DSC/TLX) 1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
1.0uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)
J3E (TEL) 6dB bandwidth 2.4 to 3kHz,
66dB bandwidth Within ±2.1kHz
F1B (DSC/TLX) 6dB bandwidth 270 to 300Hz,
60dB bandwidth Within ±550Hz
Clarifier range ±200Hz in 1Hz steps

Receiving frequencies 2187.5kHz, 4207.5kHz, 6312kHz, 8414.5kHz, 12577kHz, 16804.5kHz
Receiving system Double superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 40.455MHz, 455kHz
Reception mode F1B
Sensitivity Symbol error rate of 1% or better at 1 micro-volt input
Frequency stability Within ±10Hz after 1-minute warm-up

DSC MODEM Communications protocol In conformity with ITU-RM.493 and M.541
Emission F1B 100 baud
Memory capacity Received Distress messages: 20
Received Other messages: 20
Transmitted message: 11
NBDP MODEM Communications protocol In conformity with ITU-RM.476, M.490, M.491, M.492, M.625 and ITU-T Rec. F130
Emission F1B 100 baud

Frequency range 1.6 to 30MHz
Power capability NFC-296: 250Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 300Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
NFC-896: 500Wpx (1.6 to 4MHz), 1000Wpx (4 to 27.5MHz)
Tuning method Automatic tuning and preset tuning
Operating temperature -25 to +55deg.C

Charging current 20A (Ordinary charge)
10A (Equalizing charge)
Alarm function Charge / Low voltage / High voltage alarm

Controlled item NBDP function (Control the DSC/ NBDP Terminal)

Standard Components


Component Model Q'ty Remarks
MF/HF Radiotelephone JSB-196GM 1
Included Accessories Hand Set NQW-213 1 L=1m
Power Cable 7ZCJD0043A 1
Plug 5JCAS00029 1
Connecter 5JJAJ00034 2 14-8
Terminals 5JDAH00084 2 40A
Spare Fuse 5ZFEX00013 4
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0124 1 English
Included Accessories Power Cable 7ZCJD0139 1 L=3m
AF Cable 7ZCJD0071 1 L=1.5m
Control Cable 7ZCJD0072A 1 L=1.5m
Terminals 5JTCD00220 2 1.25-8
Spare Fuse 5ZFCK00001 4 7.5A
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0156A 1 English
Quick Reference 7ZPJD0157 1 English
GMDSS Operation Guide 7ZPJD0135 1 English
Data Terminal NDZ-227 1
Keyboard NDF-369 1
Antenna Tuner NFC-296/896 1
Power Amplifier NAH-692/695/698 1 Built-in Battery Charger
692: 250W, 695: 500W, 698: 800W



Component Model Q'ty Remarks
GMDSS Console NCU-331E/F/G 1 Standard console for
JSS-296/596/896 and inmarsat-C
GMDSS Console NCU-324E/F/G 1 Desk top console for
JSS-296/596/896 and inmarsat-C
GMDSS Console NCU-1960 1 Desk top console for JSS-296/596/896
Hand Microphone NVT-133 1 Straight Cable(L=5m)
Hand Microphone NVT-140 1 Curl Cable
Handset Holder MPBP00127A 1
AF Cable 7ZCJD0073 1 For NCT-196N(L=0.3m)
Control Cable 7ZCJD0074A 1 For NCT-196N(L=0.3m)
Printer NKG-800 1 For NCT-196N
DTE Mounting Bracket MPBP31721 1 For NDZ-227 Desk Top mounting
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0162A 1 English for JSS-296/596/896