The radiotelephone system consisting of the JSB-196GM that covers the frequency range of 1.6 to 27.5MHz and the NCT-196 DSV terminal with an internal DSC watchkeeping receiver conforms to the applicable regulations including the IMO performance standard and the national standard.



Simple installation on small ship


Each equipment if of very compact design for simple installation on small ship. The GMDSS-based system consists of the JSB-196GM MF/HF Radiotelephone, the NCT-196 DSC Terminal and a DC-DC converter. The main unit of the JSB-196GM and the NCT-196 can be integrated as a stacked system and installed in a easy-to-operate place on the bridge.


High expandability


The JSB-196GM can provide the HF E-mail communication capability by connecting a dedicated modem and a general-purpose personal computer.


Easy operation


The JSB-196GM is designed for user-friendly operation using a single large control dial for frequency channel selection, mode setting and high/low transmit power switching. The NCT-196 integrates the DSC modem and the watchkeeping receiver in it, enabling operations to fully meet the GMDSS requirements.


Digital signal processing(DSP)


The JSB-196GM radiotelephone uses 32-bit floating point DSP for digital signal processing in and after the IF stage. The DSP technology improves a number of functions including noise reduction and various types of interference rejection, ensuring enhanced performance.

General Frequency range Transmit: 1.6 to 27.5MHz
Receiver: 0.1 to 29.9999MHz
Frequency increments 100Hz
Frequency tolerance ±10Hz or better
User definable channels 200ch(20ch 10Groups)
Emissions mode J3E A1A, F1B:920 A1A:519 and H3E(Reception only)
Preset ITU channels 1722ch(SSB:283, F1B:920, A1A:519)
Scanning channel 20 user defined channels
Communication mode Simplex and semi-duplex
Antenna impedance 50ohms
Operating temperature -15degC to +55degC
Power requirements DC13.6V±10%, (12.3VDC to 15.0VDC),
Tx:40A max
Rx:2A max
(Operable between 10.2VDC and 16.2VDC)
Compass safe distance 1.5m
Dimensions and mass 250mm(W) × 100mm(H) × 260mm(D), Approx. 7.4kg
TRANSMITTER Output power 100Wpp(1.6 to 4MHz)
150Wpp(4 to 27.5MHz)
Occupied bandwidth J3E: 3kHz or better
F1B, A1A: 0.5kHz or less
Carrier suppression 40dB or better
Spurious suppression 43dB or better
AF frequency response 350 to 2700Hz(60dB bandwidth)
Microphone input 600ohms
Line input 600ohms, 0dBm(balanced)
RECEIVER Receiving system Triple superheterodyne
Intermediate frequencies 70.455MHzA455MHzA20.217MHz
Sensitivity(SINAD 20dB) J3E:
6.3uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
3.5uV or better (4 to 27.5MHz)

1.8uV or better (1.6 to 4MHz)
1.0uVor better (4 to 27.5MHz)
Selectivity J3E:
6dB bandwidth 2.4 to 3kHz
66dB bandwidth with in ±2.1kHz

6dB bandwidth 270 ∼ 300Hz
60dB bandwidth with in ±550Hz
Spurious response 60dB or better
Clarifier range ±200Hz in 1Hz steps
AF output 5.0W max. 1W rated
Line output 600ohms, 0dBm(balanced)
Frequency range 1.6 to 30MHz
Power capability 200Wpp
SWR after tuning 2 : 1
Turning time Automatic tuning: typical 3sec
Preset tuning: typical 0.5sec
Operating temperature -30degC to +60degC
Power requirement 10.2VDC to 16.2VDC negative-grounded 1.5A(max)
Dimensions and mass 230mm(W) × 380mm(H) × 90mm(D), Approx. 3.3kg
Protocol ITU-RM.493-7, M.541-6 and M.1082
Modulation rate 100 baud
Modulation accuracy Within ±30ppm
Output frequency 1700Hz ±85Hz
Frequency tolerance ±0.5Hz or better
Output level -20dBm to +10dBm
Operating temperature -15degC to +55degC
Power requirement 10.2VDC to 16.2VDC, negative-grounded, 3A max
Dimensions and mass 250mm(W) × 100mm(H) × 260mm(D), Approx. 4.8kg
Receiving system Double superheterodyne
Receiving frequencies 2187.5kHz, 4207.5kHz, 6312.0kHz, 8414.5kHz, 12577.0kHz, 16804.5kHz
Sensitivity Character error rate 1% at receiver input voltage of 1uV
Antenna impedance 50ohms
Component Model Q'ty Remarks
MF/HF Radiotelephone JSB-196GM 1  
Included Accessories      
Hand Set NQW-213 1  
Power Cable 7ZCJD0043A 1 L=1m
Accessory Parts JSB-196
1 Spare fuse, terminal, etc
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0124 1 English
Component Model Q'ty Remarks
Antenna Tuner NFC-196 1  
ATU Control Cable 7ZCJD0044A 1 L=5m
ATU RF Cable 7ZCJD0045 1 L=5m
Component Model Q'ty Remarks
DSC Terminal NCT-196 1  
DSC Power Cable 7ZCJD0062 1 L=3m
DSC AF Cable 7ZCJD0071 1 L=1.5m
DSC Control Cable 7ZCJD0072 1 L=1.5m
Spare fuse 5ZFEX00012 2 3A
Bridge Card 7ZPJD0122 1 English
Instruction Manual 7ZPJD0120 1 English
  ♦ OPTION  
Component Model Q'ty Remarks
DC-DC Converter NBG-300 1 input24VDC
Hand microphone NVT-140 1 Curl cable(L=0.5m)
Hand microphone NVT-133 1 Straight cable(L=5m)